Behind the Shades: a Female Secret Service Agent’s True Story authored by Sue Ann Baker.

This memoir tells the story of how one of the first five female Secret Service agents entered the clandestine world and traversed the globe guarding foreign and domestic dignitaries. With her Smith & Wesson, her radio, and her wits, Sue Ann navigated a new frontier for women. Her memoir is published in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Secret Service.

Behind the Shades tells the story of the life of a female Agent entering the male dominated world of the Secret Service. It is a story of personal sacrifice, adventure, acceptance and rejection, tenacity, endurance, and hard work during trying times. Sue Ann Baker was on the front lines of history and observed it being made on a larger scale. She is one of the pioneers who paved the way for the many capable female agents that followed in her footsteps, and I am proud to say I served with her.

Clinton J. Hill
Assistant Director, Protective Forces (Retired)
United States Secret Service

Behind the Shades
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Sue Ann Baker Behind the Shades book

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